Thank you Mokelumne Hill Community

Nov 3, 2018 by

Thank you Mokelumne Hill Community

Due to the participation of Mokelumne Hill residents within the Mokelumne Hill Sanitary District (MHSD) service area, MHSD has received approval from the State Water Resources Control Board to submit a grant application for planning/design work for wastewater improvements.   Earlier this year, Moke Hill residents were asked to complete an income survey that was required by the state to verify/qualify Moke Hill for the grant.  The required number of responses needed was 57% or 170 households.  Both mail and door-to-door efforts were employed to gain the required response rate.

The MHSD board will now prepare a grant application to fund planning/design work for wastewater improvements.  At the conclusion of this phase, MHSD will be eligible to apply for funding to construct the improvements.

The MHSD Board of Directors (Phil McCartney, James Aarons, Kevin Brady, Will Mosgrove, Sam Chastain), wish to thank all of you for supporting our district.

For further information, contact Phil McCartney at:  209.256.4548

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  1. Julia Costello

    Congratulations! And thank you, MHSD, for putting in all this effort for our town.