Moke Hill Nuts Has Gift Cards!

Nov 26, 2018 by

Moke Hill Nuts Has Gift Cards!

Moke Hill Nuts and Candies is offering eGift Cards for the Holiday season! Share the Moke Hill love with friends and loved ones, and let them choose their favorites, either in the store or online.

Follow the link on our home page — — tell us when you want it sent, and we will do the rest!

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  1. Terrence Weatherby

    Correct website is https:/ .

    Only two ells in Moke Hill.

  2. Will you be open Sunday?( tomorrow.) I’d like to buy 6 boxes of nuts. I live in Stockton now and will have to drive to Mok to get them. Just want to make sure you’re there.

    • editor

      Hello Antoinette, I suggest you contact moke hill nuts at 209.256.2137 to confirm hours for tomorrow.

  3. I would like to buy six boxes of nuts but now live in Stockton. Will you there tomorrow, Monday. I can’t seem to reach you by phone.


    • editor

      Hello Antoinette,

      Susan will call you later. Thank you for contacting