Chinatown Gardens Work Morning

Jul 9, 2017 by

Chinatown Gardens Work Morning

Volunteer Work Day at Historic Chinatown Gardens (East Center Street, Mokelumne Hill) Saturday July 15, 8:00 to 10:00ish a.m.

Maintain our fire buffer and newest town park by cutting down sprouting vegetation.

Bring: weed eaters, pruners, rakes, chain saws, trucks for hauling tires and trash. Many hands make short work!

Questions:  Call Julia Costello 286-1182


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  1. Cyndy Larson

    I walk by the area often and see it’s overgrown from the first weed-whacking. Unless you are willing to spray to permanently eliminate the noxious weeds and growth, weed whacking will be a forever, unending project. Even spraying will take several attempts. It’s not an area for edibles, so spraying seems sensible, unless I am missing some critical reason why not to spray.

    • contributor

      Hi Cyndy. We have had two rounds of spraying the vegetation, last fall by a professional and this spring to knock back the sprouts. CalFire is also on board to help keep the area clear. This Saturday is to mostly address the poke weed, sprouting buckeye, and berries. We will indeed spray again, but this effort will keep the growth down.