Town Meeting on Recent Crime

Aug 1, 2016 by

Town Meeting on Recent Crime

On Wednesday, August 10th, 6:00 p.m. at Shutter Tree Park there will be a Town Meeting, organized by concerned citizens, who wish to address the recent rise in crime within our community.  Please tell your friends and neighbors and encourage them to attend.

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  1. Cyndy Larson

    Would have liked a brief description of the apparent crime spree, otherwise we’re just guessing if we haven’t heard or been told anything. Thanks.

  2. James Aarons

    Hi Cindy and anyone else- I have not witnessed it, but my understanding is that there has been frequent drug and alcohol use in our parks and public spaces and numerous robberies and break-ins in town. These issues are causing alarm and no wonder people are concerned.

    • Debra Sewell

      Hello James,

      You’re correct. There has been a problem in the park with homeless people drinking alcohol, possible drug use, and they’ve been seen doing their wash in the drinking fountain. It’s been an issue for several months now, and with the 2 most recent home invasions (one of them while the owners were home), it’s time we all got together to help eradicate this. Shirley Nester is the one who initiated the organization of this town meeting, and was personally affected by one of the home invasions. She has spoken with the SO about what can be done, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the Moke Hill community can come together to end this problem. Hope to see you there!

      • Debra Sewell

        I need to make a minor correction on my above response. There was 1 home invasion and 1 burglary. Not 2 home invasions. I apologize if this caused a confusion.

  3. Cyndy Larson

    Thank you both. I’m only a block from the park and have not witnessed these incidents personally, but I have many commitments in Amador County, so certainly easy to miss out.

    Along with the crime spree eradication, I’d love to support some kind of “take pride in your property” for our town. Some of the residents’ properties are covered in 8′ tall weeds, junk cars, falling down “tourist buildings”, collapsing trailers, motorcycles, and stacked junk. The view from my residence is horrid, and for 50% of my view, it’s been that way since I moved here in 1999. The owners do nothing. Property values tumble and fire hazards grow daily, and no one and no agency does anything. I only want our property owners to do the right thing and clean up their properties and be good neighbors. It’s beyond frustrating.

    Thanks again for the update on our local crime; I have the meeting calendared.

  4. Cyndy Larson

    Given the nature of the crimes we will be discussing during our August 10 Town Meeting, would it be prudent for the Sheriff’s Office to be notified to have a car or two patrolling our neighborhoods while we are all sequestered in a meeting, leaving all residences clearly “unmanned”. After all, the meeting has been advertised all over town, so thieves are aware…just a thought.