From the Desk of Jane Canty

Mar 7, 2016 by

From the Desk of Jane Canty

From the desk of Jane Canty and hearts of Jane and Ron Canty-Pitner and Ms. Ashley Branch Canty and Mr. Shawn Patrick Colbert Pitner.  We are all of us to very thankful to be living in a small but mighty community the likes of Mokelumne Hill … our family and friends are not to be found often in numbers and strength of purpose and love as we have in our little corner of the world … we are about to embark, Ron and I, on a journey to clean my body and soul of the dreadful disease that touches too many of our lives. We would not be going if it were not for our “people” … you have all made it a possible reality and it is difficult to thank you as much as we want to. We are leaving today to attend the Northern Baja Gerson clinic in Rosarita Beach … please, please, accept our gratitude, our love, our good thoughts for all of you … we will try to keep everyone updated on our progress and one day I will have a listing of everyone who has made this happen … just a short list of my very very wonderful and true support team … we love you all so very much … thank you Jenny, Brenda & Kemo, Joyce & Chris, Sue Smith, Julia, Sally Tuttle, Rose and Ric, Marta, my brother Rick, Ron’s sister Joan, Maggie & Richard, and half (at least) of our fair town … they all gave money and love without a second thought …
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Jane and Ron

Did I mention how note of this would have happened without Shawn, Ashely … and their other halves … Chris and Jenny xoxoxoxoxoxxo

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  1. Dixie adams

    Wis swishing you all the best,prayers for a full recovery,we love you jane!

  2. Janice Walker

    Dear Jane,
    I pray your trip brings you improved health.
    Glad that Ron is going with you.
    Remember that I am your cheerleader in Kansas.
    As Ever,
    Janice (Lubeck) Walker

  3. Mike & Norah Falvey

    We are sure your journey will reach a happy healthy conclusion. Sorry we weren’t able to attend your “day” in Moke Hill as we were out of town. Only Moke Hill can pull it off like they did. Our thoughts are with you and we look forward to seeing you upon your return.

  4. Gail

    Wishing you all the best.
    I look forward to seeing you in Moke Hill.