Superintendent Recommends School Closures

Oct 24, 2014 by

Superintendent Recommends School Closures


Superintendent Campbell recommends that CUSD School Board vote to close
Moke Hill and Rail Road Flat Elementary Schools

First of all, a HUGE thank you to the parents and community members that presented the petition (along with 330 signatures!) and spoke on behalf of saving Mokelumne Hill, Rail Road Flat & West Point Elementary Schools at Tuesday night’s CUSD Board meeting. The speakers shared the research behind the benefits of small schools and the detrimental effects that school closure and consolidation have on children, families and communities. They also shared the personal, life-altering impact that the consolidation options would have on their families. Many will leave the school district, resulting in additional revenue loss from per-pupil ADA funding.

Unfortunately, Superintendent Campbell recommended to the Board that Phase II cuts should primarily consist of consolidation option #2. This will effectively CLOSE both Mokelumne Hill and Rail Road Flat Elementary schools. The Superintendent and Board Members are echoing that they feel they are left with no other choices.

The Board and Superintendent Campbell have repeatedly asked parents and community members to come up with solutions to these problems. If you have an idea for a solution, please let them know. If this recommendation concerns you, please let them know.

The next board meeting is Tuesday, October 28 at 5:30 at the District Office and the final deadline for this decision-making process is December 9.

Contact Information:

CUSD School Board Members: Message Line (209) 754-2339
District 1, Sherri Reusche,
District 2, Evan Garamendi,, (209) 498-2175
District 3, Gregory Gustafson,
District 4, Zerrall McDaniel,, (209) 736-9663
District 5, Karan Bowsher,, (209) 293-7809

Find your district here:

Superintendent: Mark Campbell,, (209) 754-2301

If you haven’t signed the petition, but would like to do so:
Additional signatures will be provided to the board throughout this process.


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  1. Katy Atnip

    I feel like those who are making the decision to close our schools are choosing to do so because it does not effect them directly. Why are our schools any different than others? Our children deserve to learn in their community! I understand we are small in size, but perhaps not enough light is shed on the success of our students and teachers! Bring positive attention to these schools rather than a constant headliner saying they are in danger of being closed. There are plenty of families in the community that send their children elsewhere simply because they don’t know any different. I understand that my input does not effect this decision in particular, but should they choose to find another solution, I would hope everyone will work harder on spreading the word about our amazing schools! Don’t set us up for failure!

  2. manette stanley

    I would like to stress that our communities have come together several times since August and came up with a very comprehensive list of alternatives…. sadly, Mark Campbell and the board has basically chosen to take the “easy route” (school closures) rather than utilize the options our communities presented.

  3. Michael

    Parents need to organize and elect new school board members and demand a change in school administration if they want things to change. Parents, teachers, and kids shouldn’t have to bear the burden.