Possible Elementary School Closure

Oct 1, 2014 by

Possible Elementary School Closure

Small But MightyMoke Hill Elementary School is on the “chopping block” and

closing schools closes communities!

Help save our schools and communities by signing this petition today:


Last month the CUSD School Board voted to add the closure and/or

consolidation of Mokelumne Hill, Rail Road Flat & West Point Elementary

Schools to the list of possible Phase II cuts. School consolidation and closure has

long lasting ramifications for children and communities and is not meant to be a

spontaneous decision made out of desperation. Consolidation and closure are

shortsighted options that will be detrimental to our communities and county as a

whole. Please help support our children, our towns and our county by

demanding that these options be removed from the list of possible cuts.

How YOU can help in 5 easy steps

1. Get Informed: Read the petition to learn about what research says regarding

the impact that school closure and consolidation can have on rural


2. Sign the Petition: Today!

3. Make it Personal: In the comments section, let the School Board know how

this impacts you personally. (For example: What do these

schools/communities mean to you? What impact would school

closure/consolidation have on you and your family? Would you homeschool,

explore a charter school option, leave the district, etc.? Also, please share

any ideas that you have for alternate solutions.)

4. Share the Petition: Forward this petition on to anyone you know that cares

about the future of our children and our communities (especially CUSD


5. Attend the Next Board Meeting: Please continue to support the effort by

attending and speaking at the next CUSD Board meeting, scheduled for

Tuesday, October 21, 2014. The meeting will be held at the CUSD

Administrative Office, IMC Training Room (Green Building, 2nd Floor).

Open Session begins at 5:30pm.

SOSS Petition

SOS Image

Thank you for your consideration and action.

Find and sign the petition online at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/803/664/886/