Documentary on Historic Tramway at June Lake

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Documentary on Historic Tramway at June Lake

Presentation by Crystal West

Calaveras County’s homegrown archaeologist, Crystal West (daughter of Penny West and Dennis Dickman), has won state and national awards with her documentation of an historic tramway near June Lake. The Agnew incline tram was built in 1915 to help construct and maintain a series of high elevation dams that still operate as the Rush Creek hydroelectric system of Southern California Edison. Crystal’s short film (22 minutes) documenting the tram’s history and operations will be shown and she will talk about this fascinating project. Come take a ride!

Presentation at the Mokelumne Hill Library and History Society’s Occasional Speaker Series
Sunday September 28, 4 PM, Mokelumne Hill Library/Archives

Flyer on Historic Tram



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1 Comment

  1. The June Lake Library would love to purchase a copy of Crystal West’s film on the Tramway in June Lake…How would we go about it?

    Also, if she would be willing to come next August to do a “free” talk for the June Lake Friends of the Library August Speaker Series.

    Thanks yo very much,