Bulk Preordering Offered From Moke Hill Nuts

Feb 12, 2014 by

We are trying something new!

We are offering pre-orders for nuts. In exchange for your preorder, you will get a very good discount from our normal price.

So all of you nut lovers out there, now is your chance to get a pretty good price on fresh nuts. Pre-ordering needs to be at least 2 pounds. We will gather the order and then order the cases based on interest.

Below is a list of the items we are offering:

Raw Almonds $ 6.50/pound bulk retail $8.00/pound

Roasted Almonds, Salted $ 6.00/pound retail $ 5.00 for 9 oz.

Roasted Almonds, Un-Salted $6.00/ pound retail $ 5.00 for 9 oz.

Pecan Pieces $9.50/ pound retail $ 7.00 for 8 oz.

Pistachios, Roasted/salted in shell $ 8.00/pound retail $ 9.00

Cashew, Roasted/Salted $ 7.00/pound retail $ 3.75 for 5 oz.

Walnuts, Light, 1/2’s and pieces $ 8.00/pound retail $ 9.50/pound

Contact us if you wish to order. mokehillnuts@comcast.net or Judy’s cell at 209-304-2804.

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