Moke Hill Sanitary District Public Hearing

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Moke Hill Sanitary District Public Hearing

Mokelumne Hill Sanitary District (MHSD) will hold a public hearing on July 27th, 6:30 p.m. at the Moke Hill Town Hall. The Public Hearing on the Repeal of Ordinance 2021-01, Adoption of Resolution 2023-01 Regarding Collection of Sewer Service Charge Through the County Tax Roll and Adoption of Written Report Containing Parcel Descriptions and Fees Charged to Each Parcel.

Mokelumne Hill Sanitary District (MHSD) board of directors will be conducting a Public Hearing on changing the procedure for collecting sewer fees from billing monthly to annual billing through the county tax roll.  Collecting sewer fees in this manner is extremely efficient and economical compared to direct mailing and individual collection.  There are also significant savings that result from not having to prepare and mail statements, process receipts, track payments, and handle late and delinquent accounts.  This procedure would take the place of the District’s current direct monthly billing for regular fees and would take the place of the District’s current procedure for collecting delinquent charges through the tax roll. The report can be viewed online at  Click on MH Sanitary (upper right-hand corner of the page).  The report can also be requested by contacting the board secretary at:

How do you Protest?

If you wish to oppose the proposed collection of sewer fees through the county tax roll, you must submit a written protest by mail prior to the public hearing at the following address: MHSD POB 209, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245.  Protests must contain the following information: (1) The property’s Assessor’s Parcel Number and address; (2) Whether you are the owner of record of the property or a leaseholder (if you were not the owner of the property as of Calaveras County’s last tax roll on July 1, 2022 , please include confirmation that you presently own the property); (3) A statement that you are protesting the placement of sewer fees on the county tax roll; and (4) Your name (printed), date, and original signature.  Alternatively, you may submit your written and original signature scanned document to:

MHSD will not count written protests received after the conclusion of the public hearing. Any verbal protests unaccompanied by a written protest will not be counted. If you choose to submit your protest by regular mail, please allow sufficient time for the mail to be delivered to MHSD prior to the public hearing; MHSD is not responsible for U.S. Postal Service delays. Only one protest per property will be counted. If you own multiple properties affected by the proposed action, you should submit separate protests for each affected parcel, as the protest threshold is based upon a majority of the total number of parcels. Once opened, protests are disclosable public record.



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