CPUD Water Rate Increase Meeting

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CPUD Water Rate Increase Meeting



 Thursday March 16th at 7:00 p.m. at the Moke Hill Town Hall

Water rate presentation with public discussion to follow

According to the Water Rate Study Draft Report (March 10, 2023 – available on the CPUD website at: www.cpud.orgclick on Rate Information Tab – bottom of the list is:  2023 Proposed Water Rate Increases) the base water allotments are proposed to be eliminated such that the base rate (meter fees) have no water usage included. The tiered rate structure is also proposed to be eliminated. All treated water usage is proposed to be charged a single volume rate per unit and all untreated water usage is also proposed to be charged a single volume rate for all levels of consumption.

The proposed rate structure also includes drought rates that could be implemented during a water shortage emergency. The first rate change would take effect on July 1, 2023, with additional increases each July 1 through 2027. The typical single-family customer in CPUD’s service area uses 8,500 gallons of water per month and is served by a 5/8” meter. Under the current rates, the typical customer pays $73.40 per month. Under the proposed rates, the typical customer’s bill would increase to $103.02 per month.

CPUD must follow the procedural requirements of Proposition 218 the “Right to Vote on Taxes Act” and includes:

  1. Noticing Requirement: (mailing to all rate payers/property owners that specify: the amount of the fee, the basis upon which it was calculated, the reason for the fee, and the date/time/location of a public rate hearing at which the proposed rates will be considered/adopted.
  2. Public Hearing: prior to adopting the proposed rate increases. The public hearing must be held not less than 45 days after the required notices are mailed.
  3. Rate Increases Subject to Majority Protest: At the public hearing, the proposed rate increases are subject to majority protest. If more than 50% of affected property owners or ratepayers submit written protests against the proposed rate increases, the increases cannot be adopted.

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