CalaverasGROWN Online Farmers’ Market Open Year-Round

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CalaverasGROWN Online Farmers’ Market Open Year-Round

CalaverasGROWN Certified Farmers’ Markets in San Andreas and Murphys will continue weekly through to the end of October, but that will not be the end of the local farmers’ market season this year.  CalaverasGROWN recently launched an Online Farmers’ Market that will continue to offer a wide variety of produce, pantry staples, art, home goods and personal care items and more from local farmers and artisans throughout the year.  Customers simply place their orders online each week and select one of several convenient pick-up locations in Calaveras and Amador counties.  Now it’s easy to shop online and support the local economy.   Find the online store at

The non-profit organization has partnered with local businesses and Calaveras Library to offer shoppers a network of pick up locations to choose from each week.  Angels Camp and Mokelumne Hill libraries are available starting October 2nd. Other locations are Olive Crush Provisions store in Valley Springs, Mother Lode Exchange in Jackson, as well as CalaverasGROWN Farmers’ Markets in Murphys Park on Sundays and the Master Gardener demo garden in San Andreas on Thursdays.  When the market season ends, the Master Gardener demo garden will continue to be the pickup location for customers in San Andreas, while Murphys pick up will move to the Murphys library from October 30.

Calaveras Connect, our local bus system,  will transport orders to library locations each week, as part of the free grocery delivery service they began offering to the community recently.  “This remarkable community partnership not only strengthens the local food supply, it will increase awareness and use of the local libraries and public transport system, which are key elements of a strong community.”  states Odile Morrison of the CalaverasGROWN board.

Nancy Gidden, Calaveras County Librarian agrees  “The Library is always looking for new ways to serve our community.  We are pleased to partner with CalaverasGrown in this great program.  We hope you will pick up a book or two when you come for your produce!”.

It is widely recognized that shopping close to home provides a significant benefit to the local economy and so increases community resilience. In addition, “local produce is closer to the source, so it is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than produce that has traveled further to reach your plate.  Dollars spent at the market are an important source of income for local farmers and tend to recirculate locally”, emphasizes CalaverasGROWN President, Sean Kriletich.

CalaverasGROWN is a non-profit organization that operates a countywide cooperative marketing program designed to assist agricultural producers market their products. It is run by volunteers and all services are funded by grants, donations and membership fees. The objectives of CalaverasGROWN are to implement a strategic marketing program that incorporates all aspects of agriculture while enhancing a more sustainable economy and community in Calaveras County.

For more information:

(209) 498 8081

 CalaverasGROWN Certified Farmers’ Markets

 San Andreas

When: Every Thursday from June 18 to October 29, 2020

Hours: 4pm-6pm

Location: UCCE Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden at the Government Center,

891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas

Contact: Odile Morrison (209) 256-6506


When: Every Sunday from June 14, 2020 to October 25

Hours: 9am to 1pm

Location: Murphys Community Park, Algiers Street

Contact: Micalah Frey

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