Moke Hill Library Open July 15th

Jul 6, 2020 by

Moke Hill Library Open July 15th

The Mokelumne Hill Friends of the Library met to discuss protocols with re-opening the library to the public starting July 15th. Face masks will be required, hand sanitizer available at front door and social distancing in effect. Hours will be 10-4, Weds-Friday. Please take note that the county may impose different policies between now and the 15th or at a later date. Signs will be posted with the latest info.

The use of the book shelves on the front porch definitely saw an upswing in number of books in and out the last few months and thank you to all who support and donate to this much needed function.

For those who have been doing jigsaw puzzles and desire to exchange them, we are encouraging people to drop them off on the front porch and, in return, you may find some to take home. Please be courteous of others and take only one or two at a time.

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