Regenerative Lamb For Your Table

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Regenerative Lamb For Your Table

At Paloma Pollinators we raise our lambs in a healthy, stress free environment. We use Holistic Grazing Management to plan the movements of a flock of 30 to 60 sheep. This allows their life’s work in the silvo-pasture to turn the ladder fuels that feed catastrophic wildfire into healthy, deep soil that increases water and carbon retention in the landscape. This system also allows our sheep to have something fresh and green to eat every day of the year. This produces healthier, tastier meat while improving the diversity and resiliency of the eco-system.

We have specifically chosen Dorper/Katahdin cross hair sheep because they are well adapted to hot climates and produce sweet, lanolin free meat of exceptional texture. Lanolin free means that our meat does not have the strong ‘mutton’ flavor that is often the objectionable aspect of eating lamb. The flavor of this amino acid, vitamin and mineral rich meat can easily stand on its own for any pallet without having to be covered up with heavy spices. To top it off, our meat contains the anti-inflammatory antioxidant selenium, as well as glutathione, which decreases stress and signs of aging.

We have our lambs harvested at Superior Farms in Dixon. This worker-owned harvest facility is powered by renewable energy and USDA inspected for health of the animals and overall sanitation. Each cut of meat is vacuum packaged, labeled and legal for retail sale anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to bring healthy, delicious foods to our local community while improving foothill eco-system health, diversity and fire resiliency. We have just harvested 2 sets of lambs, 5 and 11 months of age. Both sets are delicious, sweet and tender, but the bigger lambs have larger, more robust cuts of meat.

Entire Lamb ~50 lbs = $650
• shoulder chops -2 per package
• loin chops – 4 per package
• frenched racks of 4 ribs
• boneless 1/2 legs (rolled & tied)
• foreshanks
• hindshanks
• boneless sirloins -1 per package
• neck stew bones

Entire Lamb ~ 20 lbs = $300
• whole boneless shoulder (rolled & tied)
• loin chops – 4 per package
• rib rack – 4 per package
• whole, bone-in legs
• foreshanks
• hindshanks
• boneless sirloins – 1 per package
• neck stew bones

Individual Cuts:
• chops, loin or shoulder = $17/lb
• ribs = $15/lb
• boneless half legs = $35/lb
• bone in legs = $25/lb
• boneless sirolins = $25/lb
• shanks = $10/lb
• stew bones = $5/lb

All Meat:
• Sold Frozen
• Shrink Wrapped Packaging
• USDA Labeled
• Free Local Delivery on >$150 orders
• Comes with recipes

Contact Sean Kriletich at: 209.402.7801

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