Take a Stroll Down Chinatown Gardens

Jul 2, 2019 by

Take a Stroll Down Chinatown Gardens

Step into the past just a block from downtown on East Center Street.  The cleared pathway provides easy walking and views of

  • the stone garden terrace walls built by our town’s Chinese,
  • the bonanza of blooming plants (OK, weeds to some),
  • a lovely waterfall (while it lasts), and
  • the Mokelumne River Canyon

Just two blocks east of Main Street, enter the path next to the pump station’s wire fence.   The sitting area near Center Street has also been cleared and a path cut to join the walking road down the west side of Independence Gulch.

The four-acre historic garden is owned by the Mokelumne Hill History Society and visitors are welcome. Thanks to this week’s volunteers: Charlie, Dick, Howard, Alex, and Julia.

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