4 Way Stop at Hwy’s 49 & 26

Jul 17, 2019 by

4 Way Stop at Hwy’s 49 & 26

Supervisor Jack Garamendi (District 2) recently announced that at the end of July, Caltrans will construct a 4-way stop at the intersection of Hwy 49 & 26.  Installation is planned Saturday, July 27, 2019.  After many years of pleading to make this dangerous intersection safe, Caltrans conducted several studies and determined that a 4-way stop was the best interim step as they consider and find funding for an alternative such as left turn lanes, a round-about or a stoplight.    Please be cautious of traffic while people learn this new commute pattern.  While this new stop may cause some concern, there was no doubt that the intersection has not been safe for many decades and these road changes will save lives of friends, neighbors and loved ones.  A long term plan is being developed for this intersection that will involve public input to help guide the design.  Please contact Public Information Officer Warren Alford at:  209.948.3849 with any questions or comments.

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