Moke Hill READS Book Club

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Moke Hill READS Book Club

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday – March 5, 2019, 7 PM, Moke Hill Library/Archives

March 5, 2019.  Transcription, by Kate Atkinson.  In 1940, 18-year-old Juliet Armstrong is recruited into espionage by MI5, monitoring comings and goings of Fascist sympathizers.  She finds the work both tedious and terrifying and is relieved by the end of the war. Ten years later, a producer for BBC radio, this past returns and Juliet is once more under threat. It is a different war and different battleground, but actions of her past are reaping consequences.  A novel of power, wit, and empathy, by one of the best writers of our time.

April 2, 2019.  Bossypants, by Tina Fey.  An autobiographical monologue by comedian Tina Fey that is pointed, professional, and hilarious.  Made famous by her roles on “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock”, Fey traces her life from awkward adolescence to hard-won success in the male-dominated comedy field.  More than a memoir, it is a spiky blend of humor, introspection, and critical thinking for a new generation.  She is a strongly opinionated dynamo with a comedic voice that is totally her own.  Bossypants is a delightful romp with one of the funniest and most original characters of our time.

May 6, 2019.  The Johnstown Flood, by David McCullough.  In 1889, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was a booming coal-and-steel town filled with hardworking families. Meanwhile, miles upstream an old earth dam had been hastily rebuilt to create a lake for an exclusive summer resort patronized by industry tycoons such as Carnegie, Frick, and Mellon. Despite repeated warnings, the dangers of the dam were ignored.  On May 31, heavy rains burst the dam, sending a wall of water smashing through Johnstown, killing more than 2,000 people. The story of this epic historic disaster is told as a masterful thriller, revealing that those in positions of responsibility are not necessarily behaving responsibly.

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