Opening Reception at Petroglyphe Gallery

Dec 9, 2017 by

Opening Reception at Petroglyphe Gallery

Opening reception for artist Doug Lawler after the Mokelumne Hill Holiday Open House on Sunday December 10th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  Discover THE ISLAND OF ZA  –   A Fable WithoutWords…..Chapters Two and Three 

Take someone’s hand and follow the enchanting adventures that artist Doug Lawler has imagined, of a girl and a dog whose lives constantly become complicated, in a place with magic in the air, on a mythical island. Viewers will be taken away into their own realm in a fable without words by the artist who encourages this journey through fine art dry point etchings.

As part of the reception, sample wines from 1850 Wine Cellars of Sutter Creek as well as a variety of cheeses. Receive up to a $30 discount on purchases.  Meet Doug Lawler and learn about his process and the inspiration behind this collection.  Join in a celebration of the season at Petroglyphe Gallery!  This event is FREE.

For more info on the artist reception 209-286-1387, Petroglyphe Gallery 8317 Main Street,

Mokelumne Hill, CA  95245, 

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