Detwiler Fire Donation Drive in Moke Hill

Jul 28, 2017 by

Detwiler Fire Donation Drive in Moke Hill

Hi, Everyone!

Jenny Lee here, new resident of Moke Hill.

I have planned a Moke Hill donation drive, set for next week, for victims of the Detwiler Fire, both people & animals.

I’ll be hosting at my house, & donation drop off days are as follows:

  • Tuesday, August 1st, 10am-3pm
  • Wednesday, Aug. 2nd, 2pm-7pm
  • Thursday, August 3rd, 10am-3pm
  • DELIVERING, Friday, August 4th!

I will be headed down with the donations to Coarsegold, at the Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds (for all animal feed & animal related donations), & in Mariposa, possibly Oakhurst, for everything else. I’ve got my truck & a big box truck, & I would love to see them filled for the people & their animals in need!


  • 8126 Church St.

(Across the street from the Mokelumne Hill Fire Department)

Stuff that is needed & would love to collect:

*Hygiene Items/ Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products)

* Bottled water/Gatorade/Snacks/Food (non-perishable)

* Small animal feed (dog & cat food/ chicken feed)

* Large animal feed (horses, goats)

* Livestock bedding

They’ve got 15 or so goats & 55 horses at the Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds alone, I was told, & goat feed is in high demand.

I have already had a neighbor drop off vetwrap medical bandages for pets! So awesome.. Things like that are often overlooked but are always an emergency & disaster related staple.

Please help me spread the word!! And if you can donate & drop off something of the above, FANTASTIC!! Every & anything is so appreciated. We are a great community & I know we can make a difference!

Let’s do this, Moke Hill!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Any questions, please feel free to call me!

Jenny Lee (209) 480-3335


HUGE THANKS to Shirley Nester & Will Mosgrove for helping spread the word of my idea! So appreciated…you guys are; Thank You ???


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