Chinatown Gardens’ Weekend Clean Up

Jul 18, 2017 by

Chinatown Gardens’ Weekend Clean Up

Last weekend was an amazing cleanup of the Chinatown Gardens plot on East Center Street. On Saturday seventeen volunteers showed from 8 to 10 AM to weed-eat, prune, rake, and remove refuse from the lot.  We salute these generous community members: Chris, Marion, Pat, Marta, Kevin, Richard, Will, Anne, Rose, Rel, Paula, Bob, Howard, Donovan, Lilly, Kim, and Julia.  Then on Sunday, Officer Vaughn of the Calaveras Sheriff’s Department brought out four strong inmates who spent the day getting into areas the Saturday crew could not reach.  We now have a clean park and an open fire buffer for the town.


Everyone is invited to walk through the park, view the stone walls built by our historic Chinese gardeners, and enjoy the shady space. The garden was purchased by the Mokelumne Hill History Society in 2015 from June Davies’ estate – to be preserved as part of our town’s heritage.   Please no digging, metal detecting, or disturbance of stones or artifacts.  Call Julia (286-1182) or Mary Anne (217-7333) to report any problems.

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