Free Rice Straw Mulch

May 31, 2017 by

Free Rice Straw Mulch

Rice Straw available from CalaverasGROWN at the Mokelumne Hill Horse Arena.Rice straw is a valuable resource as:
Garden mulch:
reduces soil temperature
conserves water
provides food for soil life which in turn feeds your plants
inhibits growth of weeds
Dust Control:
use in high traffic areas to prevent dust
Worm Compost (longer term):
native CA red worms will quickly inhabit a pile of rice straw
within a year they will break down a pile of rice straw in hummus and worm castings
Rice straw, pre-moistened by the winter/spring rains is available for pickup at the horse arena in Mokelumne Hill, 8500 Lafayette St.  You will need a pitch-fork to load the broken bales into your vehicle.  Please take as much as you can possibly use.  Any questions please call CalaverasGROWN  209-498-8081 or

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