Kadota and Black Mission Figs

Aug 21, 2016 by

Kadota and Black Mission Figs

Figs –   $4/lb for Kadota and Black Mission Figs.  Minimum order of $30 for free delivery to Moke Hill & Paloma

Interested in savoring the most delicious summer fruit available?  Paloma Pollinators offers delivery to your door in Mokelumne Hill, Paloma or Jackson.  Minimum purchase for delivery is $35.  These Kadota figs are some of the sweetest fruits available and have just a hint of citrus flavor.  They are excellent for fresh eating, drying, making into tarts or for preserving.  We also have a select quantity of giant Black Mission Figs.  These figs are raised using beyond organic practices using only regional resources in their production.  This means that when you purchase and savor them you are supporting the local economy (which makes $ available to bring back around to other local businesses and your own pocket) and supports health in your own body.  Fresh, local, beyond organic figs are available for $4/lb.  Inquire about our other beyond organic produce and honey as well.  Call Diane at 304-5802 or e-mail: dianek@volcano.net

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