A Special Hello & Thank You

Aug 5, 2016 by

A Special Hello & Thank You

To my friends, family, and anyone that has been part of my support team……….I am a little remiss in keeping you all updated on progress in my journey that I was put upon about a year ago this month. Starting with a visit to the ER with what I thought was an injured disc. That was not to be and as you all know it was a diagnosis of stage four, inoperable liver cancer. We went through all the steps that cancer patients are directed to, but after much research and discussions we chose the untraditional approach after radiation and some oral cancer treatment, all only geared to give me a few months here and there. With the help of all of you, my peeps, we went to the Gerson Clinic in Rosarito Beach, Mexico for two weeks.

Long story short I went through intensive detoxing and am still following the regimen as best as possible at home. Life has become a daily battle…..with doubts clouding my mind always…little rays of hope here and there. But so much more has been possible because of you and you and you….your belief in me and my family has been incredibly rewarding and has let me believe that miracles can happen. When I keep on fighting it is because you have inspired me to. I am going to a new oncologist, Dr Singhal in San Andreas at the new Cancer Center. She is a traditional Doctor but very willing to consider my view and desires on treatment going forward. All in all my labs always seem to come back good….liver, kidneys, immune system in spite of the fact the cancer is advancing. We feel the Gerson regimen has been really instrumental in controlling something they tell me is uncontrollable. I am going through more radiation and we are so excited as I have an appointment with Dr. Kate Kelly of UCSF on Tuesday to discuss clinical trials she is conducting. Our son Shawn has spearheaded getting all the info available on clinical trials in this country and it has led us to this point. So, I can only say thank you all for your help financially but more the huge emotional investment you have made to my, our future and one of those testaments to a small town with expanding boundaries that speaks of a heart bigger and better than anyone can possibly imagine. I would so like to write down all your names in this thank you card but there are so many. But I am sure you all know who you are…..I do.

You are all a part of me now and forever will be. To the future and all that it holds ~ bless us everyone Jane Canty…Ron Pitner.  With supporting cast members ~ Ashley Branch, Shawn Patrick, Sue Smith, Julia Costello, Brenda B., Joyce P., Maggie B., (best clam chowder ever), Rose, Charles & Antoinette, Noreen, Dereen D., Peg & Fish, Bill & Geena and so many more.

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