Local Figs and Mulch for Sale

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Local Figs and Mulch for Sale

Figs –   $3/lb for Kadota and Black Mission Figs.  Minimum order of $30 for free delivery to Moke Hill & Paloma

Interested in savoring the most delicious summer fruit available?  Paloma Pollinators offers Kadota and Black Mission Figs for pickup in Paloma, at Manzanita Ridge ( our farm off Previtali Rd just east of Jackson) or delivered to your door in Mokelumne Hill or Jackson.  Minimum purchase for delivery is $30.  These Kadota figs are some of the sweetest fruits available and have just a hint of citrus flavor.  They are excellent for fresh eating, drying, making into tarts or for preserving.  We also have a select quantity of giant Black Mission Figs.  These figs are raised using beyond organic practices using only regional resources in their production.  This means that when you purchase and savor them you are supporting the local economy (which makes $ available to bring back around to other local businesses and your own pocket) and supports health in your own body.  Fresh, local, beyond organic figs are available for $3/lb.  Inquire about our other beyond organic produce and honey as well.  Call Diane at 304-5802 or e-mail: dianek@volcano.net

Mulch – $300 for 17 yards—free delivery to Paloma & Moke Hill

During the last year California received the most intense rainfall events ever recorded in the state even as we experienced one of the driest years on record.  As the days wane shorter we look forward to the rainy season to bring much needed relief for the landscape, our yards and gardens. But how much water are we talking about and how do we slow that water down in our yards and gardens for beneficial use?  Did you know that on an average rainfall year (30″ of total rain), 56,000 gallons of water falls on a 3000 square foot area (the size of an average house).  A quarter acre lot receives over 210,000 gallons of water.  I point this out because rainfall, even in this dry climate brings much more water to our yards and gardens than irrigation does.  If we make our yards into life rich sponges, much of this water can be prevented from running off and causing flooding and contamination downstream.  In fact, the more we slow the water down in the mountains and foothills, the more water percolates into the ground and becomes available for our wells and for downstream water users over the course of the dry season.  The simplest way to create a bigger sponge in your yard is by mulching it with wood chips.  This organic carbonaceous material form a sponge that not only prevents runoff, but also greatly reduces evaporation and summer time soil temperature.  So if you want to keep your yard and garden healthy through this historic drought without paying for water next year, now is the time to mulch.  Paloma Pollinators offers 17 yard dump truck loads of wood chips delivered to Mokelumne Hill, Paloma, Jackson, Pine Grove or Sutter Creek for $300.  This is enough mulch to create a 2″ deep sponge over 2,750 square feet or to create an even more effective and deeper sponge over a smaller area.

Wood chip mulch also controls dust, reduces insect problems in gardens and landscapes, as well as reducing or eliminating weeds.  Call us today to order your load of water conserving, money saving mulch!  Diane 304-5802 or e-mail dianek@volcano.net

Diane Kriletich

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