Moke Hill Readers

May 21, 2015 by

Moke Hill Readers

Box imageDid you mark your calendar for next Tuesday? The first meeting of the Moke Hill Book Club is on May 26 at 7 PM in the Library/Archives! Our first book is Endangered, by popular western crime-fiction writer Charles James “C.J.” Box. Come and learn about the author and book even if you haven’t read it. Attached is Antoinette May’s article from the Loadstar.

No commitment, No attendance taken, No restrictions, No membership, No dues. Everyone who is interested in good books and discussions about them is welcome.

Sponsored by the Mokelumne Hill Friends of the Library. Book choices every few months will follow those selected by the Sacramento Bee’s “Bee Book Club.” Announcements will be 6-8 weeks before the meeting to allow folks to find and read the selection.

Send us your email address to be on the mailing list (; or watch for announcements on and other news sources.

CJ Box review

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