Imagination Library Valentine’s Fundraiser

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Imagination Library Valentine’s Fundraiser

It’s time for the third annual Imagination Library Valentine’s Fundraiser. The Imagination Library was launched in Moke Hill in September of 2012 and since that time a total of 950 books have been sent to 55 children! This early literacy program delivers a new, age-appropriate book every month to the homes of registered children – at no cost to the family. Families can sign their child up as early as birth and will continue to receive one free book in the mail each month until the child’s fifth birthday. When signed up at birth, children receive a total of 60 books to help build their early literacy libraries.

A $25 sponsorship covers the cost of books for one child for an entire year. There are currently 36 children registered and receiving books, and this year’s fundraising goal is to receive sponsorships for all 36 children.

The families receiving the books are very appreciative of the program, have provided positive feedback and an outpouring of gratitude for offering this resource in our community. The past two years the “Gift of Literacy” Valentine’s Fundraiser has been a huge success and the program has been sustained with the amazing support of community members, local businesses, the Mokelumne Hill Friends of the Library, the Mokelumne Hill Community Historical Trust and the Mokelumne Hill Lions Club.

Click here for the sponsorship form: IL Gift of Literacy Form 2015

Thanks in advance for your consideration and for helping spread the word about the Imagination Library and these fundraising efforts!

Cheri Garamendi Aguiar
Volunteer, Program Coordinator

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IL Gift of Literacy 2015

IL Gift of Literacy Form 2015

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