Town Hall Follies 1957-1960

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Town Hall Follies 1957-1960

Some pretty outlandish skits were put on by Mokelumne Hill’s citizens between 1957 and 1960s when they took part in annual shows at the Town Hall. Sponsored by the Mokelumne Hill Women’s Club to raise money to maintain the Town Hall, folks danced, mimed, and spoofed to recorded tunes. With costumes galore, 60 of our elders are caught in hilarious and charming poses by the camera of Carolyn Sturr Wagner. A power point show of these slides was presented at the Town Hall on Friday, March 28, 2008, to a wildly enthusiastic audience and now this program has been put on a DVD by Sharon Venezia. In the comfort of your living rooms, you can see yourselves, your old friends, your relatives, or your neighbors having fun 50 years ago!

DVDs now available for $15 from the Mokelumne Hill History Society. Purchase at the Library/Archive on Main Street, or call Carolyn Wagner (286-1157) or Julia Costello (286-1182).

In putting together these annual shows, almost as many people worked behind the scenes as were on the stage. Romita Swanson and Marge Laidet coordinated The skits and many hours were spent fitting and sewing on the fabulous costumes by a group led by Irene Bondsteel and Dolly Anderson. Those who appear in our DVD show are:
Lorraine Aderhold
Dolly Anderson
Lee Andrews
Gwen Beebe
Lyn Bondsteel
Toni Borchin
George Borchin
Gladys Borchin
Joe Borchin
Mary Callison
Dorothy Campbell
Janna Cantrell
Mary Chatfield
Jackie Dell’Orto
Earl Dell’Orto
Gerald Dustin
Pat Dustin
Roberta Fischer
Audrey Galli
Jessie Gretzinger
Myron Greve
M. Halverson
Newt Hewett
John Hewett
Marian Hewett
Barbara Hughes
Leslie Hughes
Vera Greve James
Marge Laidet
Beverly Laidet
Allen Laidet
Marge Lance
Wynema Lavezzo
Dorothy Litel
Frances Lombardi
Joe Mathos
Sydney Mathos
Goldie Modrell
Olive Moffitt
Ernie Moffitt
Myrtle Nadeau
? Ostlund
D. Ostlund
Pep Peek
Flo Peek
Jean Peterson
Eugene Peterson
Geneva Ponte
Irma Porteous
Vera Roggenthein
Reuben Schimke
Opal Schimke
Leland Schroeder
Irma Schroeder
Lillian Smith
Mr. Stackler
Romita Swanson
Bob Swanson
Carolyn Wagner
Gene Waldon
Jessie White
Bob White
Sally Winkler
Helen Winkler
Ida Yale

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