Mokelumne Hill Community Plan Land Use Map – Review Deadline Extended

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The Calaveras County Planning Department recently released a final draft of the land use map for the Mokelumne Hill Community Plan area. Members of the Mokelumne Hill Community Plan Task Force met with county planners on March 29th to review the map. The purpose of the meeting was to review the land use map to ensure consistency with the map submitted by the community in December 2008.

As many of you recall, over the past five years, members of the Task Force and the community (through numerous Town Hall meetings) met to discuss and update our Community Plan and land use map. In December 2008 the community submitted the Final Mokelumne Hill Community Plan (including the Land Use Map) to the County for inclusion into the County General Plan.

The County’s Final Draft of the Mokelumne Hill Community Plan Land Use Map and land use definitions can be viewed at the library and on this website.

For further information, or to report a land use issue or inconsistency, please contact Mary Anne Garamendi or Fawn McLaughlin prior to Thursday, May 3rd.All comments will be submitted as one report to the County by the deadline of Friday, May 4th.

Mary Anne Garamendi – 217.7333 and

Fawn McLaughlin – 286.1573 and

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