Mokelumne Hill Community Historical Trust

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The Mokelumne Hill Community Historical Trust is Chartered as a Non-Profit Charitable California ( SE.501 (c) 3) Corporation.

Board Officers:
Courtney Oneto McDermed, President
Michael Kriletich, Vice president
Jep Peckler, Treasurer
Paula Leitzell, Secretary

Board Members:  John McDonagh, Courtney Oneto McDermed, Michael Kriletich, Ed Cline, James Aarons, Denise Ebbett, Paula Leitzell, Jep Peckler, Hannah Jackson, Jodi Steneck
Emeritus: MaryAnne Garamendi, Sally Tuttle, Kris Ford, Julia Costello

The purpose of the Trust is to benefit the people of the community of Mokelumne Hill, including, but not limited to providing for the acquisition, improvement and maintenance of places open for public use such as parks, playgrounds and public buildings; and to preserve the rich historic heritage of the community for future generations.

In short, if it benefits the people of Mokelumne Hill, the Trust is interested in helping.

The public is welcome at Trust Board meetings (held bi-monthly at the Library) which are listed in the website Calendar.

The Trust provides and administrates the official Mokelumne Hill website,, publishes the Community Phone Book and hosts the annual Turkey in the Barrel Dinner in November.

The Trust is always looking for volunteers from the community. Please let them know if you are willing to help.

P. O. Box 375, Mokelumne Hill, California 95245

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