M.H. Community Historical Trust Board Meeting Minutes 11-3-2010

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Mokelumne Hill Community Historical Trust Minutes – Approved
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
7:00pm – Mokelumne Hill Library

Directors Present: Kris Ford, James Aarons, Susan Komure, Charles Herndon, Fawn McLaughlin, Michael Kriletich, Lexie Cowgill, Ed Cline, Courtney McDermed, Sally Tuttle (emeritus)

Directors Absent: Julia Costello, John McDonagh, MaryAnne Garamendi (emeritus)

Guests: Patty Yocom. Beth Platz

Ed Cline called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Approval of Minutes from September 1, 2010:
A motion was made by Charles to approve the minutes from the September 1, 2010 meeting as written. 2nd by Susan. Motion carried 6/0. 1 abstention.

Officers Reports:

President – Ed Cline
Ed requests that the agenda not include a president’s report.

Secretary – James Aarons
James presented mail including thank you letters from Rail Road Flat School , solicitation from a domain service and newsletter from FOTL.

Treasurer – Charles Herndon
Charles presented a letter from the MH Vets regarding funds to be donated for the purposes of purchasing and installing playground equipment. The Trust is to receive the funds and disperse them to the Vets.
Charles moved that the Trust approve the receipt of the funds under our 501c3 for the purchase and installment of playground equipment and disperse the funds, as needed to the MH Veterans. 2nd by Lexie. Carries 7/0.
Charles has retained the services of Jill Jenkins to clear the fees owed to the federal government for late filing of tax reports. Jill’s action has resulted in 2 years being forgiven, Charles has pending approval for the 3rd year to be forgiven.
Charles passed out YTD financial reports. Although the balance sheet shows a negative balance, the Turkey In A Barrel event is expected to bring our balance back up.

Turkey In A Barrel (TIB)
Tickets are being distributed. Board members have taken lots, recorded numbers of and will sell them throughout the community.
A press release has been sent out.
Ed is taking care of the liquor license and will be reimbursed for the $30 fee.
MaryAnne Garamendi will purchase food for preparation.
James will inventory disposable flatware and plates, then purchase biodegradable materials as needed. The Trust will reimburse him for the expenses.
Courtney is contacting community bakers for dessert donations.
Joyce Peek is organizing servers.
Chris Peek is organizing turkey roasting team.
John McDonagh is organizing the silent auction and requesting contributions.
James reported for Julia that the banner has been repaired and Mike Dell’Orto will put it up the first week of November. Randy Carlins made the banner repairs and will receive 2 tickets to the dinner in exchange for his labor.
Charles will manage the cash box.
Brenda Nasser and Ed will man the door.
Lexie will organize set up and decoration.
Jason will be paid to manage clean up including sweep/mop/bathrooms/chair and table storage.
Antoinette will manage the bar. Ron Pitner and Jane Canty will assist with liquor purchase and set up.
Ron Pitner will manage the sound system.
Otto will take care of the trash.
TIB schedule: 6pm, cocktails 7pm, dinner silent auction and announcements to follow.
Ed will purchase and manage raffle and beverage tickets.

Membership committee
Ed moves to nominate Lexie, Susan and Michael as the 2010/2011 membership committee. Motion carries 7/0.

Phone Book
Johnny Mac and Michael are working on advertising/sponsorship funding from local area businesses.
Michael requests $60 to obtain Fire Protection District List plus similar for Voter Registration List. Charles reminds him that he has a budget to use at his discretion.
Susan suggests that signs be made and put up around town to announce new phone book and request that residents provide current contact information.
Michael reports that once lists are in hand, they will be reviewed for accuracy. The Town Hall restoration will the central theme for the edition, Julia will write updated copy and provide additional images.
John is working on funding from local business.

James and Fawn report that domain registration and hosting fees are due. James will cover the costs and be reimbursed by the Trust.

Friends of the Library
Ed reported that the library will be closed the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas due to county furloughs. The Board of Supervisors is likely to discuss moving local library branches into public schools.

Summer Arts
Ed reported that Lexie will arrange all personnel for the 2011 season including instructors and musicians.

Reading Is fundamental
Kris had nothing to report.

History Days
Charles is awaiting the bill for transportation.
Michael requested funds from Calaveras Historical Society. He has not yet received an official response.
The Calaveras Foundation was solicited for funds in August. To date, no contribution has been made by them.

MH Vets
Patty reported that the Vets have paved the road to the ball field and expect to be able to pave the parking lot and install rumble strips along the road. Bathroom doors at the ball field will be repaired/replaced. The pile of wood chips at the foot of the ball field road must be removed asap.
The heat and air system has been installed in the Town Hall. The environmental study for the Town Hall restoration should be complete by the end of 2010 – restoration is set to begin in August, 2011.
A bill in the amount of $100 for water leak repairs at the tennis courts was submitted to Charles.

Main Street Lights
Fawn reported that the installation is complete except for the Union House. 4 unused strings remain. 50/50 split of cost property owners/Trust is complete. Sky Wallace has checked the light wiring at the library. The lights will be on 4:30pm – 2am daily through the winter months.

Fawn reported that Steve Wilensky retained the services of CHIPS to do general clean up, wall repair, weeding and trimming in town. Fawn drafted a letter to thank CHIPS for their work.

Payment notes from Julia via e-mail:
For clearing brush, weed eating, trimming trees, and general clean-up activities in Mokelumne Hill, for the Mokelumne Hill Veterans’ Memorial District, August 23 – 27, 2010. Charges are for out-of-pocket expenses of gasoline for travel, weed eaters, and chain saws; and for equipment maintenance. All labor is paid for by grants.

5 days @ $200 per day = $1,000.00

Heritage Trails
Fawn reported that the Calaveras Council of Governments has been working for the last 2 years to get CalTrans funding for trails leading from Mokelumne Hill to the Mokelumne river. Fawn will contact the county for an update and information on the next funding cycle.

Courtney has nothing to report.

Christmas Open House
Ed reported that the open house will be on Sunday, December 19 from 4-6pm. Charles will look into the budget amount from last year.

New Business
Michael reported that on February 25, 2011, Calaveras Grown will hold its annual event to promote local products. There will be a dinner at the Town hall in conjunction with their annual meeting. Lynn Miller will be the keynote speaker, Paul Hunter, poet, musician and speaker will also make a presentation. 150 tickets are available.

Beth Platz reported that there will be a fundraiser for In Home Care at the Senior Center in Jackson, 956 Mountain Ranch Road, on December 11th.

Next meeting:
January 5, 2011, 7pm

Susan moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pm. Lexie 2nd. Carried 7/0

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