Cemeteries: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Jesus Maria

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Cemeteries: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Jesus Maria

CalaverasHistory.org has a database of all the cemetery plots in Mokelumne Hill. Check it out! The Mokelulmne Hill History Society has posted on this web site a listing of all known names, birth and death years, cemetery, and grave locations for the three cemeteries managed by the Mokelumne Hill Cemetery District: Catholic, Protestant, and Jesus Maria; as well as the names in the Jewish Cemetery, located within the Protestant Cemetery boundaries. The names can be sorted on line by any of the categories and is searchable. Other information on individuals is contained in the Society data base but not included in this summary. Information on individuals buried in these cemeteries was compiled from the following sources:

• Maps, log, card file maintained by Clovis Laidet, Cemetery District Director from 1968 – 2000

• Mortuary records

• 1964 Inventory of Calaveras County cemeteries conducted by Edith Jensen and Bernice M. Olsen of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

• Card file maintained by the Mokelumne Hill History Society

• Newspapers obituaries dating from 1850 to present

• Families and community members

The Mokelumne Hill History Society also compiled a list of over 400 individuals known (or supposed) to have been buried in Mokelumne Hill Cemeteries for whom there is no marker or grave identification. This list is also posted on the CalaverasHistory.org web page.

The Cemetery Database project was spearheaded by Carolyn Sturr Wagner who compiled, cross-checked, and entered all of the initial data. Field checking of tombstones was largely accomplished by Paula and Bob Leitzell and Patty Yocom, with assistance from Carolyn Wagner, Marge Davis, Mary Jane Genochio, Leah Tesch, and others. Julia Costello and Linda Thorpe formatted and updated the Microsoft Access data base. The on-line posting on the Calaveras Heritage Council web site was made by Sloan Dell’Orto of Propagandists. Current updating of the data is under the care of Mary McNamara.  We welcome additions and corrections to our information as the project is a work in progress. Please contact us through the web page, although be patient as we do not check our mail regularly.

For more details on the Cemetery District, see “Groups” and then “Cemetery District” on this mokehill.org web site.

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